WordPress Support Plans

Leave your website management and maintenance needs to us.
All of our plans include the following:

  • Monthly Theme & Plugin Updates to ensure that your site’s software is secure and up-to-date. This is the primary method hackers use to inject malware and access websites. 
  • Security Monitoring to ensure your site is safe (a comparable 3rd-party security package is valued at $45/mo)
  • Upgrade & Security ‘Fix-It-Insurance’ – if an upgrade or hacking attempt impacts your site, we will restore it to a previous working state at no charge.
  • Daily Site Backups so that you won’t lose valuable information if your website goes down for any reason.
  • Speed Optimization with 3rd-party plugins to speed up your website’s load time (a $49/mo value).
  • (Optional) Hosting on WP Engine (a $35/mo value) – this includes free SSL security certificates to protect your client’s personal information and provide peace of mind.  
  • Extra Support Time every month to answer questions, build forms, pages or any other coding on your site.
  • Partner Discounts (25% off) any additional development time needed. 

*All Support Plans Require A Minimum 6 Month Commitment*


$ 149
  • Monthly Theme & Plugin Updates
  • 1 Hour of Support/Development Time
  • Daily Site Backup
  • 24x7 Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • 'Fix-It Insurance' - Bugs from Updates/Hacking
  • Free Speed Optimization - Hummingbird & Smush Plugins
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free DNS Hosting Setup via CloudFlare


$ 249
/ mo
  • Everything in essential plus...
  • 2 Hours of Support/Development Time
  • WooCommerce / eCommerce Support Included


$ 399
/ mo
  • Everything in content plus...
  • 4 Hours of Support/Development Time

Not sure what you need?
Pay as you go with 5 hours of
development time.

Ongoing support that doesn't expire for $130/hour.

Got questions?
We've answered a few.

How does the 100% money back satisfaction guarantee work?​

Our goal is to offer the best possible service to you and your team. If you are unsatisfied with our services in the first 15 days, you can request a 100% money back guarantee for that month’s services and you will be released from your 6-month commitment with no penalty. We’ve never had any unhappy clients. 

Do I have to host with you to use your support?​

No, if you are happy with your host provider, then we are too. You have the option to host your site on WP Engine, which is a premier hosting provider  ($30/mo. value). In some cases, we will require our clients to migrate their site so it is hosted under our WP Engine account. If this is the case, we will manage the transition for you. 

What kind of work is covered in the monthly support/development hours?​

We do anything related to WordPress. We will install plugins, add content, build new pages, make changes to the menu, modify page sliders, add photos, update your theme or plugins, post a blog, etc. If it can be done in WordPress, we cover it.

What if I need more support/development hours than allowed in my plan?​

Sometimes, requested changes might require work that extends beyond your monthly plan. If this happens, you can purchase additional service hours from us for 25% off our a la carte rate of $130/hour. If you consistently need more hours, you can upgrade to a plan that matches your needs.

Will you do the work for me?​

Yes, we are hands on! Unlike other support companies who just tell you what needs to be done, we log into your website and make the actual changes for you. We will also maintain all the updates, backups and security you need to protect your site, client information and site reputation.

What is ‘Fix-it-Insurance’?

Fix-It-Insurance means that if your site is hacked or an update causes your site or element to crash, we will fix it for you at no extra cost.

We will try everything possible to revive your site in its current, non-affected state. A few important notes about this service:

  • Custom development (CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript) is not covered in this insurance. If an bug or website hack requires custom development (preexisting 3rd party coding) to fix, then monthly development time will be used.
  • Outdated themes or plugins that are not commercially supported are not covered in this guarantee.
  • In many cases fixing a hacking or upgrade issue will require reverting to the last known clean version of the site. In this case, we are not responsible for any lost data that cannot be recovered.
  • If a bug or conflict in a theme or plugin causes your site to break, then we will restore the site to the previous clean version and will not attempt to update that theme or plugin further until a fix is released.
What are your support hours & contact methods?

Our support hours are 8 AM to 6 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. We provide primarily digital-based support but may call customers to verify details, when appropriate.

Why is there a 6 month commitment?

Our website maintenance plans are designed to enable more meaningful relationships with our clients. 


What if I need to change packages?
You may upgrade or downgrade between support packages at any time after your 6 month commitment has been completed.

We'll even manage the risk.

We put more into managing your website needs than anything else.

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with our service, you can request your money back within the first 15 days.