How to get medical professionals to a live continuing education event without buying a single stamp


The University of North Texas Health Science Center’s continuing education department, INCEDO, needed to create awareness for their inaugural continuing medical education (CME) event for healthcare professionals. The digital advertising campaign resulted in 110 registered attendees and a 60% savings in marketing cost.

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Working with Justin was just what we needed to boost attendance at our newest physician education program. Spending large amounts of money on printed mail is a thing of the past thanks to Metamedia. I highly recommend spending 30 minutes of your day listening to the advice of Justin Ozuna. Brilliant marketing mind.
Kelly Zarwell
INCEDO Program Manager


Forward-thinking continuing education

INCEDO aims to be the health professional’s team of choice for quality interprofessional continuing education. They are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) — one of a handful of providers in the country to hold the distinction of maintaining dual accreditation.


Increase attendance to a live CME symposium

INCEDO wanted to create awareness and increase registrations for their live CME event.


Reach professionals where they already are

Getting information in front of busy healthcare professionals is a challenge. When INCEDO wanted to create awareness and increase registrations for their inaugural CME event, we recommended a 100% digital strategy that would quickly and efficiently get their information in front of their target audience.

The first step in the campaign was to build an event landing page. This enabled us to track, measure and analyze all of our advertising traffic. Once the funnel was built, we installed Facebook and Twitter pixels. A pixel is a piece of code that gives companies deep insights into user behaviors on their websites — such as how many views an ad received, how many people engaged with it and a plethora of other actions. The pixels also allow us to deliver second and third ads to people who engage with our content, a huge benefit in any advertising effort.

Next, we designed an attention-grabbing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertisement to drive traffic to the landing page.  Each ad had a “Get Tickets” call-to-action button that people could click to learn more about the symposium.

We delivered our ads to numerous audiences, including to an uploaded list of previous related CME attendees, INCEDO’s social media followers and people who were interested in CME-related pages.



Market to a ready-made audience

Monthly active facebook users in DFW who are interested in CME-related info

Traditional marketing entails a lot of hope. You’re hoping that you’ve created the right assets. You’re hoping that you bought the right mailing list. You’re hoping that your materials get delivered to your target audience. Finally, you’re hoping people will show up.   

That’s not the case with digital marketing. On Facebook alone, you can target 1,500 active users who are already engaging with CME-related content. We have the ability to target CME-related interests, professional job titles and more to ensure we’re delivering the right content to the right people. You’ll never have to guess again.


Nearly double attendance at half the cost

INCEDO’s marketing efforts offered an immediate and noticeable improvement in the way they marketed their events.

  • 110 health professionals registered for the event, an increase of 64% compared to similar live CME events
  • Delivered the ad 257,000+ times to nearly 65,000 people people
  • Nearly 3,000 landing page views from 1,800 people
  • Saved 60%+ in marketing-related costs
  • Cost less than postage for related CME events
  • 25 people liked INCEDO’s Facebook page
  • A cost of $30.32 to reach 1,000 people


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