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How we attracted 137 people to a local bookkeeping business for less than $10 a day on sites like

John came to us and asked if it was possible to get more clients for his bookkeeping business through digital advertising.

He had a website, a Facebook page and was a member of a local networking group, but he needed a more comprehensive digital strategy for his business. 

In just 30 days, we gained 137 new email addresses from small business owners who needed bookkeeping support. In addition, John grew his Facebook community by 50 new people and on-boarded one new client, who represents a lifetime value between $21,000 – $24,000 for John’s business. 

Customizing a winning strategy

We started this campaign with the end in mind. Get John more clients. 

The normal course of action for a business like this is to advertise on Google search engines. But search engine marketing is not always the best answer when keyword competition is high and the cost to bring someone to your website is over $20 per click. 

With a budget of only $10 a day, we chose a strategy that would get John’s business in front of a national audience before they went to Google for bookkeeping expertise.

With no brand recognition or digital assets, we needed a plan to build trust quickly. We developed an end-of-year bookkeeping checklist that small business owners could download for free in exchange for their name and email address. To create awareness for the guide, we delivered Facebook and Instagram ads to our target audiences.

For just over $1 per click ($15 less than Google), we earned 340 clicks and 137 PDF downloads! After someone downloaded the guide, they were added to John’s email list and received an automated series of seven emails that demonstrated his expertise and offered advanced bookkeeping help.

With this strategy, John was acquiring leads and sending emails while he slept! Each email address grew his list from zero to nearly 200 people in a few weeks. His email list is now a tremendous asset that he can tap into at any time, offering more value and creating new sales opportunities for his business at no additional cost. 

Targeting the right audience

We worked with John to outline the exact client who was most profitable to his business. Because he was offering digital products and could work remotely, we focused our attention on a national audience of small business owners. 

During the campaign, we also used advanced remarketing strategies. Remarketing is simply a method of delivering second and third ads to people who engage with your first one, visit your website (or a particular page on your site), etc.

How we advertised on

Advertising on national publications isn’t hard to do, but it requires some strategy and a little bit of skill. Our detailed targeting and ad placement highlighted opportunities to place our advertisements on renown websites like 

Advertising on established websites can elevate your business prestige, build trust with your audience and enhance your relevance in your niche. When done correctly, the payoff can be huge! 

Consultant Bookkeeper

Campaign Snapshot

Leads: 137
Ad Impressions: 29,446
People Reached: 13,800
Website Views: 345
Ad Spend: $349.96
Cost Per Lead: $2.55
Return On Investment: $21K to $24K

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