How any bookkeeper can get more clients through online advertising


John, owner of Consultant Bookkeeper wanted to acquire more clients for his bookkeeping business with digital advertising. In just 30 days, he grew his email list by 137 people, Facebook community by 50 and onboarded one new client, who represents a lifetime value between $21K and $24K for his business.

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Helping the small business owner

Consultant Bookkeeper offers professional bookkeeping services for the consulting industry. John Anderson offers small business owners and solopreneurs access to an outsourced accounting professional with years of experience.


Acquire a client through digital advertising

Like most small business consultants, John was looking to attract and retain new clients for his bookkeeping business.


Deliver value, build a community and earn trust

We started this campaign with the end in mind. Get John more clients! Normally, we might recommend Google Ads search engine marketing, but for some businesses serving certain niches, search engine marketing remains too costly. We decided to instead focus our energy on building a winning Facebook and Instagram campaign.

With a budget of only $10 a day, no brand recognition and no digital assets, we developed a comprehensive strategy to deliver value and quickly earn the trust of his target audience. We wanted to proactively put John’s business in front of targeted individuals before they turned to Google for bookkeeping expertise.

We needed to develop three things; a lead magnet (something of value to give away), a landing page (to acquire names and emails) and a mechanism to drive traffic there (our ads). When someone clicked on the ad, they were offered a free end-of-year bookkeeping checklist. When they opted in to the content, they received a series of 7 strategic emails over the next few weeks that offered more value, demonstrated John’s expertise and built trust. At the end of the sequence, John made a special offer designed to convert leads into clients.


Market to a ready-made audience

0 mil
Monthly active facebook users in the US who are identify as small business owners

On Facebook alone, you can target more than 2 million monthly active users who own a small business. We have the ability to target interests, professional job titles and other criteria to ensure we’re delivering the right content to the right people so that you’ll never have to guess again.


With this strategy, John was acquiring leads and sending emails while he slept! He grew his list from nothing to nearly 140 people in a few weeks. His email list is now an asset he can tap into at any time.

John onboarded a client at the end of this 30-day campaign, resulting in a projected lifetime value of between $21K and $24K. That is a 68X return on investment.

  • 137 opt-ins
  • Delivered the ad 29,446 times to nearly 13,800 people
  • 345 landing page views from 262 people
  • It cost $1.03 per click to their website, $15 less than Google Ads would have cost per click
  • 50% of people opted in for the free download
  • 50 people liked Consultant Bookkeeper’s Facebook page


Photo Ads

Capture attention with engaging ad creative.

Remarketing Pixels

Measure activity and conversions for your ads.

Custom Audiences

Reach existing contacts on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences

Deliver ads to people similar to your customers and contacts.

Justin is a professional and a pleasure to work with. We worked together to tweak my target audience and ad copy until I landed a client. That one client more than paid for the cost of Justin's work and now I have a funnel that I can turn on whenever I need another client.
John Anderson
Owner, Consultant Bookkeeper