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How we marketed a collaborative nursing research conference from scratch in 60 days

A collaborative committee representing 12 Houston medical institutions came together to deliver research-driven best practices to nurses. The organization, which included MD Anderson, Methodist Hospital and Memorial Hermann, had no branding, online presence or marketing plan. 

Three months later, they welcomed more than 200 nursing professionals to their 1st annual conference. 

Customizing a winning strategy

Our primary goal was to create awareness for the conference and get people registered. Because this was a new organization, we also wanted to build an online community that we could deliver value to throughout the year. This would also help the organization easily build on the success of their hard work.  

Overcoming the challenge of obscurity

With less than 90 days to market the conference, we first needed to create a unified brand that conference attendees could easily recognize year after year. We designed logos, created brand standards, built a website and created a digital foundation for the organization’s communications. 

After the digital assets were in place, we leveraged Facebook and Twitter ads to reach area nurses and drive traffic to the conference website and Facebook event pages. Our advertisements communicated conference details, attendee benefits, speaker and agenda announcements and continuing medical education opportunities.

In addition to paid advertisements, we also executed an email marketing plan to reach various workgroups within the institutions. 

The results

The comprehensive marketing effort led to 4,425 website visits from 3,526 people. More than 200 people attended the conference and 150 are now following their social media accounts.

Marketing a conference is not simply about getting people to show up to an event. It’s about developing assets, growing a community and ensuring that your organization is successful in the years to come.  

Texas Medical Center Collaborative Nursing Research Conference​

Campaign Snapshot

Conference Attendees: 210
Ad Impressions: 337,854
People Reached: 102,396
Website Views: 4,425
Website Visitors: 3,526
Facebook Page Likes: 113
Twitter Followers: 38
Ad Spend: $1,289.41

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